Thinking Academy is a cultural-educational organization in Georgia, which has implemented various projects for different age categories and segments since 2017. The Thinking Academy established a new type of lectures in the Georgian educational milieu – Salon Talks, which implies the active participation of the listener and interaction with the speaker in the most comfortable environment. The scope of Salon Talks is quite broad and mainly covers humanitarian and social fields. Particularly active areas are psychology, literature, and philosophy.

The publishing house of the Thinking Academy published the first book in 2021. Among its first books, mainly the lectures read at various times in the Thinking Academy were collected, however, the publishing house soon started to translate the foreign literature, also to “revive” forgotten books from Georgian literature, and to order specific texts for the new authors. The main directions of the Thinking Academy as a whole, as well as its publishing house, are: psychology, philosophy, literature and pedagogy. Currently, our publishing house has published 14 books.

In 2017 the Thinking Academy created the Sunday school for 5-17 year olds. The school has the following directions: psychology, philosophy, and fiction. The fiction aims to promote the interest towards books in adults, to develop critical thinking, and analytical skills. The students become acquainted and read various literary works, discuss them, and review the movies. With a psychologist the students discuss the problems, which are relevant for their age. Working on personal growth, learning to regulate emotions, overcoming phobias and complexes, understanding and overcoming attachments, etc. is done in groups.

The Kindergarten of the Thinking Academy serves the purpose of creating a psychologically healthy environment for the children, to further enhance their personal, emotional and social development. In our kindergarten, we welcome children aged 2-6. The maximum number of them in a group is: 12-15. Our academic staff is a group of the teachers with psychological education and besides, they undergo systematic training by the psychologists of The Thinking Academy. is an educational platform of the Thinking Academy, developed for continuous cognition and development. Through the online video-courses we wanted to make the learning process simpler, more accessible, diverse, and interesting.

In order to achieve the goal, we gathered the video courses read by professional lecturers in one space. We selected different and necessary research fields such as: psychology, philosophy, business, management, religion, literature, art.